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Pentuja hylätään jatkuvasti

Lisätty 11.02.2019

Tässä vain joitan hylättyjä pentuja. Määrä kasvaa jatkuvasti. Siksi yritämme panostaa sterilointeihin, mutta myös paikallisia perus koiranomistajia pitäisi saada mukaan sterkkauttamaan koiransa.

How many Puppies Are Really Abandoned In Greece Every Week?

How many puppies are abandoned here every week? Can you imagine? Well, nobody can, because they are uncountable. While we go around neutering and spaying strays, citizens keep producing more and more strays, allowing their dogs to breed and then simply removing the puppies from their mothers and abandoning them somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


The situation is ridiculously uncontrollable, to the point where all of us involved in rescue simply give up. We watch litters of puppies being shared and reshared through social media, and all we can do is sigh and move on to the next post.

Unless there is a law obliging owners to spay and neuter – excuse me, the law will not be enough, so I’ll rephrase: Unless there are cops going around 24/7 in every village, suburb, island and mountain, removing pet dogs, sheepdogs, hunting dogs and guard dogs and bringing them back sterilized, microchipped and registered, the situation will only keep getting worse.

Because what the average moron does is abandon who knows how many litters of his bitch per year, producing more strays per year than you can possibly imagine.

This is just a random selection of puppies abandoned this week alone all around Greece. They come from posts I simply came across, and I do not follow every single animal page or group because I can’t.

93 new puppies, form 15 new posts, this week alone. It;s not a joke, it’t math. 99 new puppies per week sums up to 5148 puppies per year – 5148 being the number of puppies I will see shared in my Facebook wall, not the actual number of the ones actually abandoned.

Most of them will be run over by cars, die of typhus, malnutrition or poison. Some will grow up on the streets and become strays. Some will be just given away to random people and end up spending their lives chained next to a barrel or up on the roof of a building. Few will end up in good homes and the rest will spend their lives in a shelter. The numbers are astronomical, especially for such a small country like Greece.

So here are the ones I came across this week alone:

Pentuja hylätään paljon.


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