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Pedigree Dream - syntynyt kauppatavaraksi

Lisätty 05.02.2019

Tässä on nyt traileri, joka kannattaa katsoa ennen kuin lähtee koiraostoksille.
Innolla odotamme, että pääsemme katsomaan koko dokumentin.

Pedigree Dream - syntynyt kauppatavaraksi

Pedigree Dream (Official Trailer)



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About Pedigree Dream Documentary Film:
It´s about +1 billion euros dog trade in EU.
It´s about the illegality and cruelty towards dogs.
It´s about the fight against the illegal dog breeding and selling.

Pedigree Dream is probably the most comprehensive documentary film about modern dog trade ever made in Europe.

Eight million puppies are needed annually to fulfil the demand in Europe. Far too many dogs, especially puppies, are sold suspiciously with falsified documents and unknown background.

The illegal dog trade is a typical example of Transnational Organized Crime (T.O.C) where profit comes first, animal welfare and consumer protection second.

There will be more than 50 interviews including border officials, European Parliament members, politicians, police forces, legal and illegal breeders, consumers, officials, veterinarians, animal welfare activists, rescue workers, animal identification experts, lawyers, specialists and researchers.

The final shootings are made in Spring 2019. Negotiations of international distribution has started.

!! You or your company can be shown inside the film, contact the production company and ask for options for sponsoring. Thank you.